Foreceipt - the easiest way to manage receipts on Google Drive

How Foreceipt Works

Foreceipt helps you track and claim your hard-earned money from your tax return. Our Digital image of expense receipt is officially accepted by IRS/CRA.

Reporting all your business Expense can lower your tax bracket, but keeping track of every spending for your business could be hard. Especially when you have more imporant things to worry about.
Foreceipt is the App designed to help you to track every little spending, so you can claim back all your hard-earned money from your next tax return.

Designed for small business owners like you

We start helping small business owners since 2015


Saving 90% of time to track receipts


Scanning the Receipt on the go


Ready for tax return


Accepted by IRS/CRA
Worry Free!

Still have some questions?

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What can Foreceipt do for me?
  1. Scan your receipts from your phone as the expense incurs
  2. Process your email receipts
  3. Enter expense/income manually without receipt, or attach other proof to it
  4. Produce well-formatted excel expense report so you are ready for the tax season
Do you have web version?

Yes! The web version can help you in the following scenarios:

  • Produce well-formatted excel report for tax reporting
  • Verify your pending email receipts
  • Set up Recurring Receipts
  • Manage subscription for change/cancellation
  • Grant/revoke permission to others to view your receipts
  • Quickly customize your categories

Will IRS/CRA accept the scanned image as proof of an expense?

Yes. Digital image of an expense receipt is Officially Accepted by IRS/CRA.

Will merchants accept the scanned image for refund/return?

Yes, majority of merchants accept it as long as the scanned image includes the bar code or reference number.
It's so much easier to search and find your receipt for return from the app vs from many hard copy receipts.

Do you support email receipt?

Yes. Ask your merchant to send e-receipt to your dedicated foreceipt email account, it will be converted to a pending receipt for you to review automatically.

How do referrals work?

By inviting your friends to use Foreceipt, you can get up to 6 months free.

  • In App: Go to Referral to Get Pro Free on the More screen. to invite your friends
  • In Web Portal: Go to Referral menu after login to start the invitation.