1. Capture

Scan your receipts

  • Take a picture of your receipt
  • Review the auto-filled result and assign an expense category
  • Your receipt is securely stored in our cloud
  • Search, review and edit anytime

Email receipts to your dedicated inbox

  • You and your teammates receive a personalised email address when you sign up
  • Forward your email receipts there, we’ll convert it into an expense item

Import bank transactions

  • Upload csv files downloaded from your online banking
  • Include any account: chequing, savings or credit card
  • Foreceipt automatically converts them to expenses and income items

2. Categorize

Customizable expense categories to meet your needs

  • Use our pre-made categories to organize your expenses
  • Default IRS / CRA categories for US / Canadian users
  • Create your own categories and deploy them across the team (admins only)

Track recurring expense or income items

  • Create powerful rules for recurring expenses or incomes so you’ll have one less thing to worry about

3. Report

Generate your expense reports with one click

  • Excel report breakdown by month, category and account
  • PDF report with receipt images
  • Send the reports to your accountant or use them for DIY tax filing
  • Invite your accountant as a Team Member for hands-on access to your expenses

Securely stored in cloud

  • Never lose another receipt for a return, reimbursement or refund again
  • Search them by date, name or tags and access instantly
  • Instantly synced between app and web portal, across all team accounts
  • With saved images, never worry about keeping paper receipts

Start tracking your expense digitally