Switch to Foreceipt without losing your data

Foreceipt is your ultimate solution to expense management for freelancers and small businesses. Import all your receipts from Wave and pick up where you left off.

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Looking for a receipt app that doesn’t quit on you?

We hear you. You need a solution that not only meets your expense tracking needs, but also puts you first, instead of corporate interests.

Congrats, you found us! Foreceipt’s founders are also small business owners who could not find a perfect OCR receipt scan solution. We have been serving the global community of freelancers, small business owners and consumers since 2014 and are still improving till this day.

It’s time to join a community that cares about you. It’s time to #switchtoForeceipt.

Why Switch to Foreceipt from Wave


Well-loved by half a million global users

With a 4.6 stars rating from 4000+ reviews on Apple Store and Google Play Store 2, Forceipt is available anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


Accurate scan results, instantly synced between mobile and web

OCR-powered receipt scanning with a snap. Real-time sync between mobile and web. Web Portal for advanced features, bulk transactions and generating expense reports for tax-filing.


Your data belongs to you and you only

Your privacy is our top priority. No one will be buying your data for insights here. That’s our promise.

How to Switch?


Step 1

Sign up and subscribe to either an Individual or Business Plan.(See Price)

Get 50% off using code SWITCHNOW 1


Step 2

Export your receipts from Wave and import them to Foreceipt web.


Step 3

Pick up where you left off. Enjoy the Foreceipt iOS / Android and Web apps.

Have questions? Contact us at support@foreceipt.com

Terms and Conditions

1. Only new users are eligible to use this discount code. This one-time discount code applies to the first billing cycle. For monthly subscription, users are eligible for 50% off for the first month. For yearly subscription, users are eligible for 50% off in the first year.

2. Apple Store and Google Play store ratings are dynamic. Real time ratings may be different.

3. Foreceipt reserves the rights to change or terminate this campaign without notice.